So you think you got what it takes, huh


Create something good and interesting and worthy? Great, here's some things...

Yes, you too can be an A-ron-like superstar (probably not, let's be real). Submit your stupid article, story, or storticle for publication consideration. I’ll probably reject it, but whatever, I’m just some innernet nut job anyway, right.

“What’s the difference between a story, article, and storticle?” you might be asking yourself in your head.

A story is an interesting experience, opinion, viewpoint, philosophy, etc rooted in belief, the meaning an individual assigns to meaningless events. Example: “One time I farted and the boy I liked smiled at me. Therefore farting attracts boys.” (true story, don’t test it)

An article is the imparting of knowledge. Example: “The square root of 16 is 4. This is true because 4 squared is 16. This is useful if you ever need to impress a boy and you don’t have any farts queued up.”

A storticle is a story that leads to acquiring knowledge. Example: “My pig found itself smart enough to hop over the barrier from his pen to the next pen, and eat all of that pigs food, and go to the next pen and eat all of that pigs food, and the next pen and eat all of that pigs food, and make his back for when it was my time to feed him, he’d already eaten like three meals, and was sitting there waiting for me. And I would feed him and he would eat that. That’s why he gained so much weight and got sifted at the fat stock show.”

Or just tell me a funny story about how you crapped your pants one time.